Well, it is Monday. I have been noting the nominations for Comment Of The Day that have been coming in over the weekend. Tomorrow morning I will be checking out the best comments since Friday at 4pm. Be sure to read the submission rules below. I am looking for suggestions for Oppo only, and front page comments. There will be both segments represented in the follow up post.

1. No links to NSFW comments, or comments on NSFW posts

2. Tuesday through Thursday the comment has to have been made no more than 24 hours previously. On Monday we will have a super weekend edition where comments made later than 4PM Friday are welcome, cause I ain’t cutting into my beer time to do this on the weekends! Request for submissions will be at 4pm M-F. I will accept COTD noms during the day on the previous days thread. You can search for COTD on Oppo, and drop the comment as you see it on the most recent call for submission result, I will figure it out

3. No comments slamming another member of Oppo or the FP. We are better than that. You can be witty or make the perfect comment without going there. Besides, you will just look like a dick to your fellow Opponauts


4. Comments may be suggested for yourself or others.

5. Make sure your submission is in the form of a link. I will not dig around to find where a quote comes from unless it violates rules 1 or 3 above. If you do not know how to do this, go to the comment, go to the little arrow in the top right, click arrow and select “Go to permalink”. Copy this url and paste it as a reply to the request for submissions post. Comment on it if you want, that is fine.

Thanks to all participating!