“I am sorry that you are passing through this right now”

Lol, good start. I’m calling MLB.tv because I cancelled my subscription on February 28th, before it hit “auto-renew” - I did this through their website but of course, on March 1, I get hit with the renew charge. I didn’t see it right away, but now I do. I’m not paying for this, I cancelled it before it renewed, or so I thought. Their policy is you can cancel anytime up to 5 days after the renewal. It’s been 5 business days but today is the 7th calendar day, so this should be good.


After 14 minutes on hold, I got to the gentleman I quoted above, and that was his canned response - nice translation, MLBtv. He puts me on hold after asking my name and email; then 3 minutes later he asks me to spell my name again, then hold again for 3 or 4 hours. Now verify my address, please. Hold. A few lunar cycles later he comes back and says basically “yes ok well unfortunately policy is 5 days after the —” and I stopped him right there. I DID cancel, but something must not have worked. Surely this isn’t the first time some function of a website behaved improperly - ahem, kinja - but nonetheless, it did. And I’m asking for a refund please.

I’m on hold again, now; he keeps jumping in to say “thanks for holding it will be just another minute” every few minutes. Probably a timer on his end. At the current rate the sun will explode and the entire solar system will be annihilated in a ball of searing fire and gas before I get my refund.

“Thank you for still be on the line”

[update] After a total of 57 minutes on hold - thank you, speakerphone so I could still get work done - I got “I can’t promise that you’ll get a refund but I will submit your case for review.”


I mean, I should have checked the day after I cancelled. But I didn’t, because I’m not that anal and I get distracted with my real responsibilities in life. I thought I took care of this one and put it in the back of my mind. It’s not my fault the web form didn’t work. This should be a no-brainer but yet, they made it difficult. Way to make me want to return to your service, by the way!

You know, the reason I’m leaving in the first place is that their system for determining which games you can see is utterly backwards. I’m in New England and want to see the Red Sox. But because they’re in-market, I can’t see almost any of their games. This isn’t how this should work. Enter YouTubeTV: I gave them my zip code and they say, “great, you’re in New England? Here’s the local sports channel so you can watch all your favorite local sports teams!” In other words pretty much every single game all season.


Granted, I used trickery to get around the blackout restrictions, but I’d rather just, you know, pay money in exchange for services.

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