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Could I get an S3 with a Manual?

In 2006, my dad fell in love with the top-of-the line Audi a8 steering wheel and its delightful wood grain found at the top and bottom. However, he wasn't interested in the a8 itself and was dismayed to learn that the a6 did not feature the same steering wheel as an option. So, in spite of the extended wait that it entailed, he went ahead and made a factory order so that his a6 would come straight from Germany with the beloved steering wheel. Even though this wasn't even an option in Europe, it turned out that it was pretty simple for Audi to complete, and I don't think his choice featured much of a price hike either.

This story lead me to a thought that I can't seem to get rid of: Could I factory order a 2014 S3 with a standard transmission? Better yet, could I fly to Europe and pick it up, enjoy it on German/Italian roads, and then have it delivered to the US? What say you, Oppo? Should I drive over to my nearest Audi dealership and ask them about it? Do Tavarish or Tom have any insight here?

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