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Could Mercedes enter a CLA in the WTCC?

A very interesting Report was released today at the usually very well informed motorsport website motorsport-total.com, describing a possible customer program for the WTCC.

AMG said that the concept car was built in first place to test reactions to another Customer race car, and of course any series - including the WTCC - would be an option. Although they quickly stressed that a works entry isn't in the cards and only private teams would race the cars while AMG could develop a WTCC spec CLA.


Another interesting point are the visual similarities. If you take a look at the Citroen C-Elysee and the CLA 45 AMG Racing Concept they appear to be made to fit a very similar rulebook. Front splitter and rear spoiler size is about the same, wheel walls and tires aswell.

Being a possible customer programm, commercial aspects are very important. And it actually looks rather well: For 2014 only 4 Hondas, 2 Citroens and 2 Ladas are confirmed, all other teams would have to use slower, 2013 spec cars. By slower I mean 1.5sec a lap slower. With about 25 permanent startes in the series the majority of the field is left behind to fight in some sort of B-championship. I bet Mercedes could sell at least 6 chassis if they are reasonbly priced, the market is there.

So if you own a WTCC team and are looking to fight with the big works teams next year, give AMG a call. The customer is always right.

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