Could some Youtube car vloggers be in insane auto loans?

I watch Youtube car volggers here and there, but not too much. Youtube volggers as a whole tend to annoy me. But I wonder how many of them afford the vehicles they do aside from the revenues they get from Youtube. One channel caught my eye. JMC Rides.

He has 20 thousand subscribers and looks to live on the east coast. He has a broish lifted Wrangler Rubicon and he just recently traded his Stingray Z06 for a Hellcat Widebody. I guess people wondered how much he paid on them and he went over it in this video from November:

To sum up: hes kind of crazy. He states that he traded the Z06 for the Hellcat and that the Z06 had 21 grand in equity (it was a 2017 C6) and he applied it all towards the Hellcat. He pays 680 a month for 96 months on the Hellcat but apparently he has decent credit because he managed to get 3% APR. He also stated that he always does 96 month loans on his cars because it gives him “breathing room”. I dont buy it. Is he crazy? Or do you guys think him and a lot of other car vloggers either cant afford their cars or have crazy bad loans themselves?


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