From the research results I am getting, it appears to be balderdash...

Came across this Regal GS manual while looking for Regals. It happens to be in my parents neck of the woods, and hopefully it will be there in a couple weeks when I visit so I can go play with it.

Feast your eyes upon 6 selectable speeds.

Quick Background: It is that time of the year again where the AC has broken on my car. It has happened 3 out of the 7 years I have owned it and it is getting annoying. I have been poking around for something more fun to daily. One of the leading candidates is the GLI. It has a lot of perk and is in my price range. While combing the car nets, the Regal has depreciated significantly enough to be in the list of contenders. There are so many luxury features that passing on looking at it would be silly. 


Back on point, I have found certified used Regals around the $16k to $20k price range (talking 2012+ Premium I, II, and GS). This puts them right in line with GLIs and other fun cars. I first found this one and thought, a certified manual, neat! But I then got suspicious because normally CPO cars are at dealers of their corresponding manufacturer. This one is at a Mitsubishi dealer. So it being CPO really doesn’t make sense to me.

Judging from the other logos and things, I am guessing Carfax CPO is a car that Carfax will buy back should the odometer suddenly be tampered with or something like that. There is no warranty or repair work allowances which in turn means that Carfax CPO =/= CPO in the normal sense. The bottom line being this is just the same as a used car.

Is my interpretation right?

*Note this will not prevent me from at least looking at it