Sadly, the trio we've come to know and love for the past decade will probably stay together like the best of friends and leave BBC as one. However, while we enter the official mourning stage for the old Top Gear, my mind started clicking off thoughts for a revival. Younger hosts who aren't afraid to bang doors and/or heads, more entry-level fun-car reviews and shenanigans, and a genuine attitude to reviewing cars without media BS (if it sucks at what it's supposed to do, then it sucks...but does it suck while hooning)? Surely there's still room for improvement on the old TG formula and, with YouTube connecting every household computer together, there are now several internet-based car-related channels (Roadkill, RCR, /Drive, Petrolicious etc) that have gained considerable popularity for their own unique style of car shenanigans and reviews.

So, Oppo, how would you try to restart TG fresh without reusing our favorite old hosts?