What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

After having my resonator deleted for quite a while I realized that the noise increase wasn’t what I was expecting or craving. It got to the point when my mother stepped in the car and asked me “So you did something to the exhaust right? I don’t really notice anything”. When your mother can’t even recognize it, there is a problem.

She is going to notice this:

I went to the same muffler shop as before and again got a great price. They crafted a piece that looked 100% stock (What I wanted) whilst just being a straight pipe. The main issue with solely the resonator delete was the fact that the MK7 Golf is unbeiliably silent on the inside. I really couldn’t tell the difference thanks to the refinement of the hatchback, but all that changed when I turned the key for the first time.


It isn’t deafening by any means, but you notice it. Underway I realized that the vibration and overall noise is most apart in first and second gear and can be droned out by music or getting into a higher gear. When I went into the underground car park of my apartment building I could not believe the noises coming form this 1.4. It’s god damn evil.

If I do get tired of the noise I will change it back, but for now I will enjoy this much needed change.

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