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County Code Enforcement Division: Can this possibly be a coincidence?

So I get this letter in the mail instructing me to move my pop-up trailer off my front yard after it’s been parked there for TEN YEARS. I always assumed there’d be some rule against parking it there, but after TEN YEARS, I figured nobody cared. Well yesterday, in the mail, I got a letter from the County Code Enforcement Division. Notice it says, As a result of an inquiry...


I read the letter and tell my wife that we’ll have to find another place to store the trailer because if it’s in the driveway, there’s not enough room to work on a car. My wife says, “Oh, well look what was taped to the front door this morning:”

So if any of you want to call this number — Sacramento/Roseville, California, area — and say, “I hear you sell used pop-up trailers,” and see what the guy says, and get back to me, be my guest.

The inspector probably isn’t going to tell me who made the inquiry, but he might be able to confirm that it was NOT one of my neighbors, which would be nice to learn.


Fortunately, a friend has an equipment yard about five miles away and he can make room for it. I’ll probably wait a year or so, then put the trailer back where it was and see what happens.

Honestly though, can this be a coincidence? My peeps say “No.

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