Couple DOTS today, that’s my W123 past that BMW. I haven’t driven it in a bit other than to start it and do some laps around the neighborhood. I had to go get a new suit for the wedding I’m going to back home at the end of the month. I finally got this weekend off after 25 days straight, but I’ve mostly been asleep so I don’t feel like I really have been off. And I have to be at a show at 7am tomorrow, sigh. My parents in law are going to give us money towards a down payment on a house but it’s the Bay Area and I doubt we could buy anything with a garage or yard. There are condos with garages around but they seem to go for what small houses go for... I just love West Marin / Pt. Reyes, the surfing, the wildlife.... I don’t want to move far away to a place where houses are cheap but I can’t do anything I love to do. I’d have to try river surfing or something. I would like to see all my vehicles in the same place at least once in my life! I was thinking of getting a few people to drive them to some place to take a picture of all four near each other. SO depressing! All the work and effort I have put into them and I can’t go out and look at them at home, they are always parked in storage or at my friend’s shop.


There was the annual American car invitational at a shopping center here in Marin. It’s all 30s-50's cars and it looks the same every year, maybe they will want my 52 Dodge?

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