Finally got to see Alien Covenant for the first time yesterday and here are my impressions

First off, I liked it. It has a lot of what I like about the franchise going for it, mainly that it feels like the world it takes place in is believable and complete. Lots of attention to detail.

The story was pretty much ALIEN all over though


mysterious transmission answered

mysterious planet/ship that leads to infection

most people die

Evil robot

strong female lead kicks ass

everything is fine back on the ship.....NOPE

“blow it out the airlock”

depressing conclusion.

Thats not to say that it’s bad because of it, a little predictable but not like A new hope 2.0 {aka the force awakens} levels of repeatability.


Great cast, Micheal Fastbender is magic sauce and Katherine Waterson brought the feels.

The question with an Alien movie for me has always been “how many times could I rewatch this and it would still be good, or even get better”

Alien - A billion

Aliens - a lot

Aliens 3 - ...Maybe in a few more years.

Aliens Resurrection - no.

Prometheus - about 5, I’ve seen it much more than that but it just doesn’t seem to get better.


Alien Covenant - sure, we’ll see how it ages.


The prometheus series seems bent on asking deep questions and thats nice and all but if feels to try a little too hard sometimes, on the other side of the coin you can tell that fox demanded it be more like Aliens, what with the monster tearin’ up the place more and more shootin and that felt a little half hearted...Like Scott did it because he was asked to. In that respect it doesn’t feel as whole as it could feel, but it certainly kept the action moving better than Prometheus so thats nice. I guess the nice was to put it would be that it felt familiar but new, thoughtful but with plenty of dumb action and it tells the complex story that we wanted from Matrix Revolutions without sucking like Matrix Revolutions.


I liked it, will watch again.