I’m in the midst of some other car project stuff but I’ve been dreaming of something lately; an EV-swap.

I just don’t know if I’ve got the know how and capabilities. But I love the idea of a Mercedes 300CE or some other luxury coupe from the 80s/90s and Bolt EV running gear with the motor out back.

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I guess this is the compromise idea; the real dream is a Tesla motor. But the 200/266 hp/tq from the Bolt would allow something around 3,500 pounds get out of its own way and hopefully keep things entertaining. And it looks like copart Bolts go for The same or less than just the Tesla motor.


Do other oppos daydream about an EV swap? What would be your car of choice.

Anyone know good current DIY information(I’m not anywhere near such a project but I’d love to read more). It seems like there is a huge difference in quality and purposes of home brew EV swaps.


A little inspiration:

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