Same guy who let me drive his Cube(!!!) A4 3.0 Avant, and Forester XT (all manual). But this time he’s shifting into “D” for “daaaaaaaaad.”

Illustration for article titled Coworker bought an XC70 and let me drive it.

It’s a red 2005 with only 49,000 miles o_O It’s got the Turbo-5!

Things I liked: [inhales]... Visibility, comfort, handling better than you’d think, the turbo when it kicks in (yo), the utilitarian design, the spaciousness, the look, and so on.


Things I didn’t like: No complaints, really. It’s a sweet car. Would definitely consider giving Volvo a better shake next time I browse for a car. With extensive research so I don’t get cornholed by some of the scarier models, of course.

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