So I have a new coworker who is in the market for a new car – she moved from NYC and is having to drive as her primary mode of transport for the first time in a long time. She’s pretty senior in the company so think she’s looking for something on the nicer end of things. Her requirements thus far (I’m not going to argue their merits and not asking that you do the same either) –

  • Small SUV, likes sitting higher
  • Good gas mileage, preferably a hybrid

 She’s mentioned Lexus so I think she’s looking on the more premium end of things. Are there any plug-in hybrids that are options?


I’m thinking suggesting either a Rav-4 Hybrid, Lexus NX hybrid if she wants something “fancier” at the expense of practicality (does Lexus even have Carplay at this point?) …or maybe something like a Mazda CX-5 if she wants something that is still nice, but not from a premium brand, and not a hybrid but still decent fuel economy.

Or being in the PNW, probably won’t go wrong with a Subaru - a higher trim Forester might fit the bill. Perhaps Volvo XC-40 is an interesting premium-ish option as a lease?

Any other options top of mind from Oppo that you would put your name behind as a recommendation?

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