Coworker's Subieyota left enough room for me to open my car's gigantic doors!

Like many coupes with back seats (theoretical or otherwise), my 335xi has very long doors. This BRZ on Enkei M52s and Michelin Pilot Super Sports was parked in an end space hugging the curb, which meant that when I parked in the middle of the space next to it, I was able to open my door ALL. THE. WAY.

It’s very rare to find myself able to open my doors all the way when there’s a car next to mine. I can do it in my garage, and in a space with no car next to me, or in really spacious parking spaces, but that’s it.


They also left a little bit of room in front of their car.

But hey, they understand that front license plates are one of the few things more diabolical than dealer tag frames.

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