Searching for “mechanic special” on CL because I’m bored, and came up with this gem.  On the surface it doesn’t seem that bad... until you get a little bit into the ad...


2004 Jaguar S-Type, V8, silver, 4 door, leather, 81K Miles; Lots of new parts, but still needs work on Front end / air bags / undercarriage, and engine. CANNOT PART OUT. AS IS, WHERE IS. Selling complete. Not Parting out. Clean Title. Was driven off road when older driver missed turn. DOES NOT RUN. NO GUARANTEES ON ENGINE CONDITION.

So... lets go through the list...

  • Non running
  • Questionable body repairs visible
  • Blown air bags
  • Parts visibly missing, so likely stripped
  • At least one wheel missing
  • Was “driving offoraod” when it died so... my guess is the oil pan or transmission took a hit

$1700? More like $170...

So much crack pipe.

Link if the CL goes down

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