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cp-e xFlex RMM Review

I recently installed one of these mounts on my Fiesta ST, and thought I would kind of review it.

The car in question

Quality/Why I Chose the cp-e Mount:

The overall quality is excellent, and it came with everything I needed besides the fairly basic tools which you probably already have around. The bushing material in this mount is superior, IMO, to the Mountune and Cobb mounts due to it’s higher temp rating. Also superior to those two mounts, is the fact that it comes with it’s own mounting bracket.


Ease of Installation:

If it didn’t require getting under the car, I would say it’s easier than changing the air filter. Once under the car you need to remove a few nuts and bolts to get the stock one out, and you’re ready to put the new mount in in the reverse steps. Unlike the Cobb and Mountune mounts, there is no in between where you have to hammer off the old mounting bracket and drill it out.

Results: I was not a believer in needing to change the RMM up until a couple of weeks ago, but I instantly regretted not getting one sooner when I went for a drive. The hop? Gone. The trans moving between 2nd and 3rd? Gone. Everything is so much more stable now, even stopping. Before, I never noticed the engine tilting it’s weight forward during braking, but now I notice since it no longer does it. Everything is better. *



I’m going to be straight with you, if you can stand the jarring ride of the stock Fiesta ST, but you complain about the vibrations? You are simply looking for something to complain about. Above 1500 rpm, the vibrations aren’t noticeable. Below and at idle, it’s like having heated massage chairs.


If you haven’t done a mount on your ST, do it if you can afford it.

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