Don't get me wrong. I'm all for having a 1200hp Cadillac in my life. In fact, I reckon it's pretty much all anyone would ever want in life.

The thing is; I also try to justify my decisions in life. I weigh the pro's and the con's. I debate the merits. I compare relative value. So when I peruse the used car market for a potential new vehicle, I'm going through some intangible formulae in my mind. Power/Maintenance, Cost/ Fun, Oppo cred/ Practicality. Could I really live with an LS3 swapped W114 Mercedes. ( YES)


So when I see this flash of Hennessy awesomeness and/or insanity, I try to do the math. I can justify $50k for a used CTS-V. I can wrap my head around that transaction and the return that car would give me for that chunk of my hard earned money. Is this 1200HP Hennessy version worth roughly 3 Porsche GTS's more than a standard, run of the mill CTS-V? I dunno...doesn't compute for me.

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