CPOCP Ford Raptor Edition

I am in the Market for an F150 Raptor and the more I search for a clean pre-owned version of Fords Flagship F150, the more I realize that I am going to end up ordering a stripped down version of a brand new one because of the crack pipe nature of the used truck market pricing.

For example, check out this bad boy. 2012 Super Crew with seemingly great looking paint and some neat add on items that don’t detract from the original coolness of the vehicle.

Look a little closer though and get a laugh at the price of this R-titled Ford. No the R does not stand for Raptor but rather for rebuilt (as in someone crashed this beast so hard that the insurance company considered it a total loss at one point).


What say ye? $35,500 for a previously crashed low mileage Raptor?

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