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CPorCP? The Crack Pipe addition. With crack.

Here’s a ‘77 Celica for $7,000. Oooh, $7k, must be in decent shape huh? A real survivor. Well how about NO!!!

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The only thing more terrifying than the photos is the description. It has all the goodies.

A poorly executed mod, as you’ll see below:

“It has a 7mgte straight six out of a 86 Toyota Supra 5 speed.”

And this:

“I haven’t driven it, but around the block”

But he’s driven it enough to know this much:

“havent had the time to tune it, it does run and drive gets really rich on the top end and timing is still off”


By the way, he doesn’t NEED to sell it. And it has real promise!

“Dont need to sell just dont have time or money to finish, has the potential for 400+hp.”


And just for a record, it really is a garage queen:

“I have had this car for over 5 years and it has been in the garage more than on the road”


Buddy, that’s NOT a good thing in this case with your barely running piece of shit.

Oh, and don’t waste his time:

“No joy rides serious only please.”

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