400k for a stretched lifted base 5.3 Silverado 6x6.

I mean its a Hennessey so that goes without being said, but there is very little you get for your money. its a 50k (at most) base truck and then they add a 6 inch lift, new brakes, new seat covers, new intake and exhaust, stretch the frame, add a new pass through axle system and a new suspension and charge you 400 grand.


For reference, the vastly superior* multidrive 6x6 Land Cruiser 6x6 starts at 180k.

He’s right though, these are for people who feel like their need to put on their insecurities like a coat and for the price isn’t an issue, and neither is performance. Im a little surprised to hear about the German fellow. There are SOOOOO many better options for what it sounds like he wants to do available to him in there.

*the multi-drive system uses a double output t-case and 2 rear drive shafts (not an inter-axle shaft) with an advanced walking beam double leaf arrangement that not only give it the inter-axle flex that is essentially for a 6x6 but it also includes 5 differential locks (to this vehicles 1) and a legal GVWR upgrade.

You’ve have to be insane to pay this.  You could ship a US legal 200 series land cruiser to Australia, have them convert it and ship it back for less money and end up with so much better a vehicle.

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