Crack Barn: 36 wheels of Subaru 360s

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Assuming they have spare tires..

Only $12,000. That's $1500 a car. Individually they go for $4200, well, they are priced at $4200, but mostly just sit there. Like most of the other ones of that year, on that reef in California..


"I'm selling my eight, yes (8) 1970 Subaru 360s. Also part of this deal is a storage unit full of parts. The cars have been stored inside for the past thirty years (2 in a garage in Wisconsin and the other 6 in a barn in Kentucky.) I only wanted one for driving around and car shows, and I have that one in my garage. The cars for sale are covered under my deck, so they are still out of the weather.

One (1) car ran as late as last September. 3 ran when they were parked in the barn thirty years ago and the running condition of the rest is unknown. All of them had batteries if that is any indication.

A few cars roll freely and the rest have one or more locked up movement on the wheels/axles.

This is a great opportunity for the right person. Build yourself one and sell the excess."

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