Every once in awhile, you’ll see a vehicle price that is way out of line with what the car is actually worth. In most cases, it’s simply a misplaced decimal point.


But here we have a 99 Eclipse GSX for a whopping NINETY ONE THOUSAND (possibly Canadian) DOLLARS, which the seller says “Is not a joke”, although if you offer him close to his asking price he may consider letting it go.

So what makes this car worth that much money? Absolutely nothing! It may be the AWD turbocharged GSX model, and it may be silver, but that’s the end of it. It has 167xxx Kilometers on the clock, not a low number for a highly technical car like this, only ONE picture is provided, hardly any description of the actual car is given, and given the mileage and location in Canada, I’m gonna go ahead and assume this has seen some road salt and corrosion.

Oh wait, they never sold them in Canada. That must make it worth 20x more than it really is.

Edit: Some of you have mentioned that a wife trying to force a sale would be behind this, but come on. Even a person who can’t so much as open the hood on a car knows this hunk of shit isn’t worth 90 grand.

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