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Some of us know the Citroen GS. Small, fwd and (being a Citroen) weird, with a flat four, oleopneumatic suspension, non self cancelling indicators and all that.


Less of us know that during a brief moment of extra madness in the early 1970s Citroen decided that what they really, really needed was a GS with a Wankel. Sadly the oil crisis intervened but they nonetheless went on to make 800 before the unfortunate buyers found that they had bought what amounted to a piece of merde and so the company ended up buying back and scrapping most of them. But not all. Here and there in isolated corners of la France profonde a treasured few have escaped the crusher and now you too can have one. Just go here and all is revealed. However, Monsieur is looking for €9,000 and no offers. For this you get either a cheap piece of history or an expensive, not very good car with a dodgy rotary and zero spares availability. To save looking up Google Translate, the ad says that the bodywork is in a good state and rust free, it's mechanically good, starts hot and cold (a big issue with rotaries) and has recent tyres and good electrics. The upholstery needs attention, you'll need to look at the exhaust and the plastic has faded, but then it is forty years old.

Nice price or crack pipe? Yours to decide!

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