So I decided to go visit my mother on a weekend day, and hopped into my 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor — actually, you know what? Let’s just call it the Interceptor — and drove 111 miles for two hours.

It was a good drive. On I-5 going northbound, I got to give the Interceptor a chance to really stretch her legs at 85 MPH while I was passing slower traffic in the far left lane in a 70 zone. Of course, I did not sustain those speeds - if I remember right, the rules of the road state that you may not exceed the speed limit for longer than is necessary.


Given that this was a $3,300 used car that served the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department until 2016, I’m amazed that it hasn’t had any major issues after the engine swap the previous owner did.

What are the odds of a person’s first car being this rock solid?

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