I will admit, I may have been wrong about these blackouts in Norcal. They aren’t just PGE negligence. This is the wind forecast for Mill Valley (a blackout area):

Illustration for article titled Crackpot finds Smoking Gun (Norcal Blackouts)

That’s odd. 11mph? Hardly the apocalypse.

SF and several towns around the bay have been looking into taking over PGE by eminent domain and the union is pissed about it.


In July of this year, lobbyists for PGE got the state to pass a bill making it impossible for local governments to take over PGE infrastructure by eminent domain (because several towns/cities including SF were looking into it). Now, the opposition has been trying to delay that law going into effect so they can do it first.

“AB1054, a state wildfire law passed in July, would make it harder for the city to buy PG&E equipment [which could have previously been done at market value through eminent domain] because it increases the regulatory oversight required for such a deal [by requiring oversight and approval from the California Utilities Commission]. But another bill, SB550, tries to solve that problem by pushing those regulatory provisions into 2021.”


(In a mobster voice) “Gee, wouldn’t be terrible if there were blackouts? You know, because of the weather - or an accident.”

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