1972 Vega Panel Wagon
Photo: Craigslist

As some of you may know I’m a vega fan. A V8 vega has been on my list for a while, even after I bought a 76 vega wagon (and sold it) my thirst is strong.

This example on craigslist has no rust (supposedly) has a v8 already in it and comes with what I can only explain as a lot of ebay/craigslist/swapmeet work included. Appears to be a former drag car of some sort (v8, rollbar) but the S10 front end swap (for 5 lug wheels, disk brakes) is included so this seller knows H bodies a bit at least. For those not in the know this is old enough to have chrome/metal bumpers which is much more desirable than the later (like my 76 was) plastic bumpers. I wish I could buy it but it’s not worth the financial stress to have another project I don’t have time for taking up space.