craiglist shenanigans

Oh craigslist, you never cease to fail with the idiocy. The gall of some people though. *quick vent and story inside*

I sold some snow goggles on craigslist recently because i didn’t need them and they were just laying around.

Guy texts me asking about them, say they’re in good condition, obviously sold as used and all in all quite usable. Guy takes me at my word, send him a few pics of how nice and shiny they are (pretty shiny, microswirls from not being in the bag for a while) and how much elastic is left in the band (in short, alot).


Come to find out this guy lives like 2+ hours away. And wants them for “this weekend (now, last weekend). Requests shipping, and i don’t mind as it fits a medium flat rate. I guess the price wrong on flat rate and just charge him half (whatever, eat 5 bucks in shipping costs). Package arrives without issue, and i am done with transaction.

Dude texts me at like 11pm saying there’s a scratch and he would’ve never bought them at the price if he had seen that. My only offer is send them back for refund or don’t. He sends me pics. I can’t see a vision impending scratch. I ignore that shit, especially because already a few drinks in that evening. No further discussion all week.

Dude texts me again today asking if i got his pics. I ain’t responding this time either. Either the goggles return, or they don’t. Transaction needs zero further discussion. Especially now that he’s taken them out and spent the weekend riding with them.

What’s your silly craigslist story of the day?

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