Craigslist: 1987 Turbobrick

I think you might be one of us? I’d be surprised if you aren’t on oppo at this point:

We’re selling our beloved 740 TIC to make room for a rally car (too many cars, we ain’t David Tracy).


Craigslist link. Text preserved below.

Volvo? Check.
Turbo? Check.
Intercooler? Check.
RWD? Check.
Wagon? Check.
Manual transmission? Check.
Seats 7? Check.
Looking for one car that fulfills all your hopes and dreams, propelling you to Radwood fame and beyond? This is the one for you!

We’re selling our beloved 740 TIC to make room for a rally car (too many cars, we ain’t David Tracy). Here are the stats:

1987 740 Turbo Intercooler Wagon. Clean title.
- 4 speed manual with over drive. Noisy but it shifts fine.
- Rear wheel drive - because sports car wagon.
- 307,000 miles. No shit. You wouldn’t know it though. The body is straight and the paint is good. The car runs great. The turbo pulls like a champ. The seats are super comfortable and the front seats are heated.
- Rear seats fold flat, making tons of room in the back. It also has the rear-facing 3rd row of seats. A cool feature that is terrifying to use.
- Sunroof. Works, doesn’t leak. Boujee.
- Lots of work done over the years. We just had the oil, transmission and differential fluids changed. It earned a generally clean bill of health from our mechanic. I also fixed the sagging headliner and replaced one of the wheel center caps. It has Toyo touring tires with lots of life left.
- The heater doesn’t work. The heater core leaked so the previous owner had it “deleted” by re-routing the coolant. A new heater is 50 bucks + 20 hours of back breaking labor to fix.
- Comes with a set of rough but straight Volvo “Columbia” wheels and a box of spare parts.

Email with phone number for response. $3000, no trades, unless you have a stage rally car. Thanks for looking! This car is a blast.

OH and because Ferrari hasn’t built a wagon, this car is still “it.” And to a radar gun it does look just like a Porsche 944, we have proof. And it is basically a Countach pulling a trailer (it does have a trailer hitch, btw). And we did buy it because our family had our outgrown our Lotus Esprit. Blamo.

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