Craigslist Challenge: Engine Swap Special

Berkeley SA492 with a Honda CB400 engine. Neat!

Alright Opponauts today your challenge is to find a car, doesn’t have to be in running condition, that you would fully intend to engine swap. You don’t have a budget for the initial purchase of the car, but try to be a little realistic please. The car doesn’t necessarily have to be for sale on Craigslist. I just like the sound of “Craigslist Challenge”. Bonus points for posting what kind of engine you intend to swap in. For example:

1980 Triumph TR8, with a 2JZ-GTE, for shits and giggles.


Also, if you intend to modify the engine be specific as possible with your modifications. For example: 2JZ-GTE with a HKS intercooler and HKS cams. Bonus points if you don’t choose a 240SX with a LS.

Have fun!

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