I was paging through the very low end of the Craigslist car & Truck offerings (as I normally do at work), and started wondering what’s the absolute cheapest running, driving car or truck I could find was.

I’ll get to my find in a minute, but I’d be interested to see what the good folks of Oppo can find in their local Craigslists.

The rules are simple. Find the cheapest car/truck/van whatever (no motorcycles, ATVs, etc) that you can. According to the ad, you should have the expectation of being able to pay for the vehicle and drive it home. It must have a good engine and transmission, all glass, and not be missing major body parts. This would be something you could buy and drive without anything beyond general maintenance items.

So, here’s the best I could do. A running, driving 6 cyl, 2wd 1985 F-150. At this price how could you NOT buy it?


Shw me what you’ve got.