Welcome to a new series, Craigslist Debunking. We will be dissecting peoples’ less than factual Craigslist listings that are chock full of bullshit. Tonight, we investigate this RHD Authentic Nissan Skyline R33 Kouki GTS25 **Original**Manual*.

Selling my 1997 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25, Authentic Right Hand Drive (who in the right mind would buy a car that only came in RHD in the first place, convert it to LHD, presumably for use in the UAE, then only to import it back to the United States in a semi sketchy way, and convert it BACK to RHD.....of course) Vehicle which was imported from Japan, I do have the original Japan Title on hand which could help you to get it registered in US. (it actually is not the title but either the deregisteration/title of the vehicle or the export certificate. The first thing, because it’s only 18 years old, you can’t legally register it, so you probably have to get a Florida title. This kind of explains how many fucks this exporter gives about quasi-legal importation of cars. Very few. At least the Florida ones register it as a Nissani Skyliner Riding Lawn Mower and have plates) ***don’t ask me questions about the registration because I will just be going to give you a runaround. (This shows the amount of fucks this importer gives: none) I would be more than happy to guide you for registration after you paid me for the car and I have your cash in my hands, as simple as that*** (Oh joy! After I give you 12500 dollars in cash, you will totally give me detailed instructions on semi legally registering this Skyline and not take off at all. Who would? Y’know, every grey market importer keeps his/her promises) This car is all original without any mods, (to be honest, this has the original stereo it came with it, and yes, I do have Nissan press photos to back me up. But the car is NOT all original, because those wheels are not original. The original wheels are same as 96 S14 240sx SE wheels.)


Note the Press Vehicle’s Photo. Note this is a 93 R33 GTS25t Type M
Even I’m surprised. Notice the stereo. STOCK.

very clean inside out, actual pictures taken today. (and I even recognize the location, it’s in Fremont, more specifically 4396 Enterprise Pl, Fremont, CA 94538; AND a little tidbit, this picture was taken on the street where Sharkwerks (the 911 GT3 700 hp Magnus Walker shop) is located) Clean Japanese original title on hand, (should be changed to Clean deregistered Japanese original title) 55xx km (must be living that dealer plate life!) ***same mileage shown on the import title***, Original RB25DE non turbo engine along with 5speed Manual Transmission. Runs and drives perfectly. Everything work perfectly. (work works)Feel free to contact me if you are interested or have further questions. I already put everything into consideration and my price is set at $12500 cash as is (this is very important as since this is quite illegal, suing this guy would barely or not hold up in court (calling Steve Lehto and all former/current Oppo lawyers) and in this case, “active misrepresentation or fraud” is at a very high risk...which this owner is liable as “as-is” only waives the “implied warranty of merchantability” which the first active misreprentation or fraud factor may not be even be able to be upheld by the law,), No lowballer or you just won’t get a reply. Thank you.

  • Curious note: this genius also unusually uploaded this listing in Sacramento instead of SFBay Craigslist...probably attracts a different crowd that might not be as familiar with 25 year laws...and this car is definitely in the San Jose/Fremont area.


Full disclosure: I did use some info from Steve Lehto’s website on the As-Is stuff....now to think of it I did get the problem on As-Is sales right in my law class contracts test...