So I listed my deceased father’s 89 Crown Vic on Craigslist Friday. If you’ve ever sold anything on craigslist (especially a cheap car), you can imagine the bizzaro nonsense I’ve dealt with all weekend. I listed the car for $1100, but was expecting to get $800. I was offered trades ranging from a 1960's Egyptian Hakim Military rifle, to 80's motorcycles that had seen better days. Of course there were random calls with a million questions, that ended with a thanks and hanging up. Texts requesting more pics, and then no response. There were 2 no shows. Last but not least (and my most hated approach), were the 3 or 4“I got $500" texts. Now I’ve convinced myself up until today that serious buyers call you, they have questions, they may even ask if you are negotiable at all. But they never throw out a number (not even a lowball offer) without even asking at least ONE question, and not before seeing and test driving the car. Around 3 pm I get a text from a guy ”I got $700" (oh boy this is the best offer yet). At this point I’m exhausted, and I decide I want to see what happens when someone finally says “ok you got a deal” for the first time after who knows how many people told them to fuck off in the past. Just to spice it up I reply with “ok, you got a deal. But you HAVE to get it tonight, and I want it all in $20 bills. This offer expires at midnight tonight”. 30 mins goes by and no reply. Just as I expected, he never thought about the possibility of the offer being accepted, and has no intention of actually buying anything. Probably doesn’t even have $700 in cash. My first thought would of been “why would he accept such a ridiculous offer, must be something seriously wrong with it". But then a few mins later he asks for my address. So I give it to him. I’ve played out this scenario in my mind many times in the past. My intention was to give them a real address, just not my address. To let them waste their time driving across town, because they’ve wasted so many other peoples time. I wasn’t even home, but I could of been home in 30 mins if he said he was on the way. I never hear from him again. Was he just testing me to see if I was messing with him? He probably thought I wouldn’t reply. He never replied saying he’s heading this way or to setup a time. By 8:30 I’m certain he was just as usual, nothing but a waste of time. By this time I’ve since talked to 2 more people on the phone and setup times for them to see the car tomorrow. I’m thinking that’s good, maybe one of them will actually show up and buy it. At 10:00 pm my doorbell rings. WTF? Who could it be? SIX hours after giving him my address, and no response the guy is now at my house. Who shows up to a strangers house at 10pm without even saying anything, asking if it’s too late, or without knowing if the person is even at home. It’s been 6 hours hours, someone else could of already came, bought the car, and be home with that much time passing. This is sketchy as hell, but what the heck. He looks at the car for literally 2 mins, starts the engine but does no test drive, hands me the cash in all 20's just like I asked, I sign the title and he drives off. So much for calling his bluff, I could of probably got that $800, but I’m just glad to see it gone.


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