Craigslist find of the day

This seems like an excellent choice for a custom campervan to take on ski trips. I am not interested in investing the money in a campervan right now but it’s definitely on my bucketlist of things to do some day. I also really like the idea of buying an old ambulance or school bus for this as well. Considering the cost of lodging alone during a ski season, something like this could pay for itself and be a fun adventure.


But anyways, I went on craigslist recently and found this wonderful option. Having 4wd is definitely a necessity along with enough space to install a nice bed and kitchen and heating solutions. Plus this thing is an interesting import with a manual so its got plenty of character. Only concern with this particular example was the “minor rust” and the cost. Plus getting parts for something like this is probably troublesome. But man is it cool!

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