Craigslist Find Of The Day: Manuel Corvette For Travis

Good morning fellow Jalops,

Today while browsing the ever present craigslist a rare gem appeared amongst the chaff: a beautiful 1995 C4 Corvette; a car perfect for one of Jalopnik's best writers: Travis Okulski.


Inspired by his ranking of Corvettes yesterday, I know he will be thrilled to find such a pristine Corvette at such a staggeringly affordable and perfect price point. It's time to increase the fleet at Jalopnik HQ!

For those of you not clicking through to the ad, the description is as follows:

Black on black 1995 corvette 6 speed manual transmission. Removable Targa Top "has a crack in it", Only 103k miles. New tires worth over 1,400$ with plenty of tread left. Other than that the car is COMPLETELY stock. Car has some peeling clear coat on the rear two quarter panels, other than that paint is fine.It also comes with new wires, a new single din stereo "not installed" and two car covers! If you are interested please email me or call me show contact info I am open to trades such as other cars/trucks/motorcycles, so don't be afraid shoot me a offer. But cash talks. Thanks! asking 6500$ obo


Let us list the pros:

1) low mileage (100,00 means nothing; thanks Doug!)


2) $1,400 worth of tires, so essentially you're getting $1,400 for free.

3) Small crack in targa which can easily be fixed by any true jalop; this is a good haggling point to reduce the asking price.


4) Paint is fine.

5) TWO CAR COVERS; and a kick ass fucking stereo.

6) Of course, the best part is it is a proper manuel transmission. No auto tragic corvettes here!



1) An Oppostle hasn't bought it yet!

What say you, friends; sound off in kinja below and hopefully Travis can acquire such a sweet, sweet C4 Corvette soon. I am not sure how to let him know, does he browse oppo?

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