Every once in a while, a gem of an ad shows up. This one for a 1999 Explorer for $3200 sure does deliver. Full text and screenshot below:

hi, my name is nick, you can call me nick. i drive a ranger. so thats the reason this beautifull piece of furd is in the craigslist parking lot. so... back to the ed boer, its green with leather interior thats tan with a pinch of tan and a grey birth mark on the roof (overhead console). just insalled a new subwooofer that will blow your nuts off when you decide to fix it. now to the paint... its perfect if you get it washed and squint alot... dont worry it has 4wd so you can run deep like chevy but pull out unlike a chevy. other perks include tires, frame ,aftermarket original ford oem bumper and a recent insallation of lucas oil. ****HAS RUNNING LIGHTS**** downsides incude cold A/C all windows operational, nice leather, roof racks and functional fog lights. now the power plant that is intsalled in this animal is a single over head cam full blown racing 4.0 liters of fury six slapper v8-2 just starting off its life with a measles 196k on her (190k was the warm up time at the factory) you can tell you have a moster under the hood by the custom dual lighting style svt exhaust that can be put in to race mode whenever you wanty (just press the pedal all the way to the right) when you buy this car you marry it so bring a ring... just make sure the ring is not made by firestone.