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I’m selling the door opener from my second garage since replacing the 7 foot door with an 8 foot one means an overhead opener no longer fits...I just had this conversation with someone interested in it.

Interested Party: Hi, how old is the opener?

Me: I don’t know, we bought the house a few years ago. This was already there.

IP: Is the opener still connected?

Me: No, it’s disconnected. Still attached to the drive rail though.

IP: What color are the remote buttons?

Me: Um...the remotes are gray and the buttons a lighter color.

IP: *mumbles something*

Me: Sorry, what was that?

IP: Nevermind. *hangs up*


First, I don’t get why the remote button color matters.

Second, have some courtesy and say your not interested but thanks for your time before hanging up.

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