In July, I'm FINALLY moving out of my cramped apartment and into a house (Jagvar's moving up in the world!). With all that extra space, I need a bit more than the couch, TV, and bed that I have now. So I've been checking out CL just to get an idea of what's out there, and I'm kind of giddy with excitement.

The DC area is a hotbed of people who are constantly moving and wanting to get rid of basically all of their stuff. Seriously, dining sets for $150, coffee tables for $25, bookcases for $10. And we're not talking IKEA crap here, either. There's some really nice stuff. Granted, I wouldn't buy something *too* familiar, like a bed, but I already have one of those anyway.

It makes me wonder why my friends spend thousands of dollars financing brand-new stuff from Restoration Hardware and Ethan Allen. Buying furniture should be like buying a pre-owned luxury car. Let someone else take the hit on depreciation.