Craigslist Motorcycle Game

Welcome to another edition of Craigslist Motorcycle Game, where I post links to motorcycles on my local craigslist with my thoughts given the ad. While this easily could be done with cars, it’s more fun with motorcycles as the demand is lower, the market is smaller, and the variety/quality/condition tends to be greater, which makes it all that more interesting to me.

Why does this exist?!?


For the price of just FIVE NA Mazda Miatas, you can buy a 24 year old motorcycle with none of the perks of owning a motorcycle! But, at least there’s that cassette deck so I can listen to all of those mix tapes I made for girls that had no interest in me because I blew my savings on a tricycle. /sigh

And, I mean, I get it. Some people get old and lose their balance but still want to ride a bike. And some people are disabled and have no other option. But there is an option - the Polaris Slingshot. Hell, the car motor in that is more exciting than the bike motor in this.


But then I don’t get it. Every person I have seen that rides something like this has been a dick. They go to the motorcycle parking and take up THE ENTIRE LOT. That defeats the whole point of the VERY FEW places that have motorcycle parking to alleviate parking congestion. Why?

Also, he called it a “tike” in the ad.



The low price for a BMW caught my eye, so I had to click.

Now, I would never buy this particular bike. Nor would I recommend it to anyone. But 174k miles? On a motorcycle? Damn!


But you’ll notice that it is an R-series BMW, which tend to be owned by older people. Which begs the question - are BMW motorcycles really that much more reliable, or are they just owned by people that go 62 in a 65 zone with their blinker on. Not because they forgot - but because there’s bound to be a left turn on the fast lane of the freeway eventually, right?

For what it’s worth, I own an R1150R, and I’m 32, so I’m shooting myself in the foot here.


Bah. Dinner is ready. No “Honda RS” for you this time. :(

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