With heavy heart I decided to list my factory Enkei hollow spoke Miata wheels, along with a Marshall tube amp and Yamaha saxophone. Some of the responses I’ve gotten so far... Maybe I SHOULD have put “no lowballing.”

Some guy offered to take JUST the tires, for free of course.

Another dude offered half my price for the wheels stating “thos arent hollow spokes you can tel because of the lines”. Wrong.

And my personal favorite was “I know it’s low, but if you decide to, I’ll buy them for $40.” Yeah man, I’ll be sure to remember that. For reference, sets in slightly better condition than mine generally go for 250-400 on turbomiata and miata.net classifieds.

Sidenote: remote controlled Ferrari is a drifting champ on cleaned laminate wood flooring.


The Marshall (JCM 2000 TSL 122, a 100 watt 2x12 full tube combo amp) is being sold because it’s way too much amp for a condo, even with a built in power attenuator. Even so this was so difficult for me to list, as it was my first high quality amp and it sounds glorious. I temporarily removed the ad after the 3rd “will trade squire starter kit” response. Ugh

I’ve scored tons of great deals buying off Craigslist but selling things has been awful every time I’ve tried. Any tips?


Wheel listing for reference