Craigslist Oddities

I’ve been looking for a small truck to use for camping and maybe some household/yard chores, and have been considering a mid 90s GMC Sonoma that’s been on Craigslist for the past week, the mileage is pretty low, the price is decent, and it has a nice color matched camper shell.

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My only concerns are: 1. Little info in ad, 2. Only one picture, 3. Picture clearly taken about 2 hours away from where the ad says the truck is (based on background), 4. Ad taken down for a few days, then put back up 5. Seller responded that it was sold and took the ad down again, 6. 24 hours later, seller emailed and asked me to call if still interested.

Does this seem like someone trying to sell a vehicle and getting jerked around by flakey CL buyers, or does it seem like the seller is less than legit?


Pic similar, except advertised one was emerald green.

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