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Craigslist Rant

I’ve been looking for new 18" OEM wheels for my C30. I was browsing Craigslist like normal and found someone selling 18" Midir wheels off his C30 with Pirelli tires for $750. I was interested right away so I sent him a text. Basically he tells me that his new wheels will be delivered in a week. I told him I’d be in touch when they arrive.

A few days later, he texts me back saying he has bad news. His wheels he ordered are on backorder. It’ll be another two weeks. I told him if his Midirs are still available then I might be interested.

Fast forward a bit. His wheels show up so he asks if I’m interested. I said yes I was. He then explains that he doesn’t have tires yet. And he was wondering if he could borrow my current set of wheels and tires for like 2 weeks until he could get tires. If i did, he would knock $50 off his asking price (which was O.B.O by the way). Clearly, I told him no.


Well, the wheels are still on Craigslist. We started talking back in mid April. Now, he RAISED his asking price from $750 to $800.

He also will no longer respond to texts and made very clear he wants INTERESTED buyers only....


I’m about ready to offer him $500 cash and be done. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Lead image is what I want my car to look like. Those are the wheels in question.

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