I’ve been trying for several days to set up a time to go look at some vehicles from a Craigslist seller. He’s retired and lives about 45 minutes away from me. Despite the fact that I work, and he is retired, he seems to have the more restrictive schedule. I finally got him to commit to meeting me this morning at 10:30 (no earlier because he “isn’t a morning person”) but he didn’t want to give me his address yesterday. Told me to call an hour ahead of time. Fine, I get it. You don’t want to put that info out there until you absolutely have to.

Now I call at 9:30, no answer, so I leave a message. Half hour later, I call again but don’t leave a message. Half hour later, I text him and say “hey, I need to schedule my day because I work, etc”. He texts back later saying he’s not feeling well and can’t meet today. WTF, why didn’t you just call or text me back at 9:30? Why did I have to hound you 3 times, including well past when I would have to leave to make our meeting time? Plus, I will need an extra person to come with me if I end up buying, so I can only be so flexible.

Now I’m debating to tell this guy to pound sand. I’m interested in what he’s selling, but he’s wasting my time. After posting this for 3 weeks, you think he’d make time for someone with cash in hand.


Here’s the worst picture on Craigslist at the moment for your time (not the vehicle I’m trying to buy). What is this, a truck for ants?

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