I was in Wilmington, NC this past weekend with some friends for boating/partying/hanging out purposes. The guy we we’re down to visit suggested that we go for a surf before my flight out on Sunday, so we did. Talk about therapy! I had forgotten about how awesome you can feel after surfing. I’ve never felt so good before a flight (Valium induced flight home from Hawaii included.)

So anyway, I perused CL for a board of my own...Wouldn’t you know it someone had just posted a 7'2" funboard that had my name all over it. Even better it was only $75! Even a crappy surfboard is worth $200. I have had the worst luck with CL so I didn’t get my hopes up (just kidding, they were up.)

I picked it up Monday and it fits perfectly in the bed of the Ranger. I have been driving the ranger pretty much exclusively, and I kind of love it!

Taking it to south Jersey early Saturday to see if it floats! Minimal car content here, I’m so excited I just had to tell the world (oppo).