I’ve bought and sold a lot of stuff on Craigslist, here is one random story of the weirdness that happens sometimes.

Advertised my ‘67 beetle for $3000, guy came and offered me $2700 but said he wouldn’t have it all until the end of the month. Told him with his $200 non-refundable deposit I could hold it for 30 days. He called me at least once a week telling me he was getting the cash together, that he had the cash but needed to arrange a trailer, that his buddy was loaning him a truck, etc. On day 29 I call him and ask when he was planning to pick it up. No response. No response on day 30-35 to multiple calls/texts/emails I send to him.

Decide fuck it, and relist it .Guy shows up and wants the less-rusty body because he’d just redone the drivetrain in his before discovering some pretty terrible frame & body rot,. He offers me $2900, but will need to get the cash together, and offers a $100 deposit. I tell him he has 15 days. He ended up following through with the sale, so in the end I sold a $3000 bug for $3100.

Even better, two months later what pops up on CL but a picture of my beetle, with all the font sheet metal removed. The guy is selling it as a project car, with all it’s parts, the complete drivetrain from his car, and every bit of trim, interior, glass etc. from his beetle. It looked like he’d stripped his car, started stripping mine and given up. Asking price was $1600. I was really tempted to buy it, re-assemble it, and see if I could sell it a third time.