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Craigslist Trade Offers- Montego Edition

So here’s what I’ve been offered so far while trying to sell or trade the Montego.

01 BMW 325ci

93 Cobra if I paid HIM money (no thanks)

96 GT Mustang V8 5 speed (Possibility, but he needs to throw in cash, these go for about 2500-3000)


03 Grand Marquis

67 Galaxie Fast Back Project

93 S10 with a V8 swap

05 V6 Mustang

Notchback Mustang with an unfinished V8 that hysterically has a huge custom headliner for a brand of weed. Which was featured in...a weed shop.


91 Fox body with tied frame and roll bar in it (actually interested in this one).

1982 Mercury Cougar

Interesting pile of cars!

Current link for those interested in snooping: (I made this clickable because kinja is being weird with the below link)


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