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Craigslust - Automotive Wants, Desires, and WTFs

We all do it; browse Craigslist for vehicles we have no intention to buy, but wouldn't mind getting behind the wheel of.

Regularly we look through the listings for things that catch our eye. Be it a rare coupe from another country, or a rust bucket in a field, we click the link to the obscure and can't help but dream... Most of the time it stays a dream as better judgement steers us away from throwing money at an impulse-buy beater that has likely lived a rough life. That's the thing with Craigslust, all rational goes out the window. No need to worry about the economics of the situation, or the fuel economy, or the practicality, or reliability, because odds are you aren't going to buy it. You like it simply because you like it, and that's the point.

So, what has put a sparkle in your eye on The 'List this week? Below are a few of my own.


1978 Subaru Brat w/ Jump Seats

2012 GT-R w/ Track Damage


1971 Ford Bronco Crawler


1970 VW Type III Squareback

And some WTF...



Depending on response, maybe we can make this a weekly topic.

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