Crap Can Update

Incase anyone was curious this is what has happened with my small fleet of rusty cars over the last few months. (First post in months.... oops.)

The Gutlass is still my faithful and mostly problem free daily. I’ll admit, being able to repair this things in my own drive way, and in a short amount of time does make things like water pumps, alternators and power steering pumps seem like fairly small inconveniences. That being said there’s still less than 1500 dollars Canadian in this car including the purchase price, and it hasn’t left me stuck anywhere. Not bad for a 33 year old G body Oldsmobile.


The SHO is actually driving now. The picture is an old one, but the car is back to 100% structurally and cosmetically. Probably better since I welded a bunch of seams that were left unwelded from the factory. Problem is, since the car has been sitting so long, the brakes are simply frightening and the clutch is on its last legs. So this is once again on the back burner. Hopefully it’ll be road worthy again by fall.

Nothing new with the Crapri, still no head gaskets, still no floor. Same story with the Bruiser, still won’t pass emissions so it’s become a storage container for freshly painted Ranchero parts. Speaking of....


My father’s projects are crawling along though the Ranchero has leapt forward. It’s a running driving car. Truck. Whatever. All that’s left is install the interior, bolt in the grille, (can’t convince him to use the hide away setup out of his torino), and fix the rear end. Because he did a burnout in the garage before tightening the u bolts. What does oppo think of the paint job? Not a factory pattern of the hood by the way.


The JPS is still sort of in limbo too, a few more parts have made it on, but it’s just sitting around.

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