Went to see a couple bands (Weedeater, Today is the Day, and Author and Punisher) at this tiny little hole-in-the-wall in downtown Indy and it. was. awesome. I was no more than five feet from the stage for the whole six hours and while my ears are still ringing (Weedeater’s guitarist and bassist were both using full stacks and I was within arm’s reach of the 6ft-tall left-side PA speaker) I’ll be going back this weekend for another gig. Seriously the most fun I’ve had so far this summer.

On a car-related note city driving just straight up sucks. I had to get to the gig during rush hour and even heading into the city it was bumper-to-bumper traffic, like full-stop-and-go on some parts of the interstate. Don’t even get me started on navigating side streets, I’ve delivered pizzas for four years and have a great sense of direction but guessing my way through the maze of one-ways and dead ends without GPS made me want to drive into oncoming traffic. I’ll stay up here in the suburbs with their clearly-marked and maintained roads, thank you very much.