Crappy Nissan Rental Update #1

This 2017 Nissan Sentra that I have been awarded for this week is a turd, plain and simple. But it is a car and as such I have found a way to enjoy it. As with all CVTs I only apply full throttle at all times just to hear that terrible whine and sit at 6000 rpms for like ten seconds while it “rockets” to 60mph. I kind of want to hear a CVT car with an obnoxious exhaust, it would be deafening for sure!

Anyways, I took the car down a dirt road on the way home just because it’s impossible not to have fun on dirt. While it was just a short section and other cars about halfway through, I did finally get the tires loose. Now I determined I need to find some more dirt roads!


I’m mad that my CG lock won’t fit the seat belt because I wanted to fix the falling out of the non bolstered seat problem. But this way is more entertaining I guess. I’ve attempted to hit every pot hole I can find as well to test out the suspension. Very comfortable over bumps, needs more testing.

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